The Poetry Society of Jamaica presents its November 2014 Fellowship, November 25th, 2014, Kingston

Fight Your Fears or Die, the latest project from Canada-based dub poet Michael St. George, releases at the Poetry Society of Jamaica’s closing fellowship for 2014, on November 25th at the Edna Manley College Amphitheatre.
With extensive years of poetry and observation feeding the tones, rhythms, spirit and message, the 2014 release is an incisive excavation of fear and hope at the interface of real change.

Owen Blakka Ellis said of the release, that St. George’s “evocative and commanding vocals accentuated by an arresting array of musical compositions, is a distinctive, delightful and dynamic work that immediately demands attention. The 12-track collection of poetic songs and musical poetry is chock-full of rhythmic vibes and rich verses that invite the listener to dance, dream, speak out loud and sing along.”
The production values are world class, and the pieces are varied in style, tone and tempo. The album presents a marvelously melodious marriage between inspirational yet rebellious spoken word/dub poetry and sometimes blues-infused, sometimes rocking and wailing but always authentic and unquestionably absorbing reggae music. It speaks to challenges, personal and professional—family, friends, foes, engagements, passions and lessons learnt.
Fight Your Fears or Die asks tough questions, and presents strong statements as expected; the slippery legacy of Martin Luther King in Dream Martin; ways that might seem to have gone astray; ancestral remembering of Africa; the contradictions of immigration and action-halting acknowledgements in One Suitcase. Wherever he goes, St.George’s language pierces into the rubbles of realities that break into the most innocent of lives.
With signature grace, St. George shines a light with a whole new set of sounds that brings perspective, a deeper tenderness, and a sense of Something Else shining in from just beyond the present state of things. The Message (The MSG) is that there’s something else beyond the rubble and the fear.

This month’s gathering is a continuation of the our year-long Celebration of Literary Excellence.

Other Fellowship Features:
• Poetry Open Mic & Discussion Segment
• Featured Works
• Books on sale by I-NATION BOOKS
• Refreshments: Benjie’s Yatties & Fruit Juices.

The fellowship is a work-space for poets to share and better their craft through the discussion and analysis of their own work and works of others.