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International prepaid phone cards
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Shopusafromja.com offers convenient personal and business Shopping in the USA for all Jamaicans. You need an item in the USA single or bulk, they will locate it and get it to you in Jamaica. Shopping can be done from items on their website or use their Special Order screen to send information on special order shopping. Their #1 goal is to satisfy every customer, by making shopping In the USA convenient for all Jamaicans. Their customer service personnel will assist you with your special orders from the time they are ordered until they are delivered to your door. You can make payment via credit using their highly secured screen, or by cash in Jamaica at specified locations.

Coral Cove
Coral Cove, a fully staffed bed and breakfast, began as a love affair with the village of Little Bay, a place that holds everything that is magical about the island of Jamaica on a small stretch of the south coast just a few miles from Negril. An area so beautiful and full of good vibes that reggae legend Bob Marley had his own retreat just a few hundred yards up the coast. The property has a low cliff front with a small cove and a private beach. The protected coral reef is at waters edge. A great place for spending time with one another, family, or close friends. An excellent choice for weddings, honeymoons, or anniversaries. After your first visit you won’t need a reason to return it will come naturally.

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